Break-up Songs

I have no idea to post anything, so I decided to post this when it cross my mind.

Beberapa break-up song yang saya temukan ternyata memiliki makna yang berbeda. dan inilah lagu-lagu putus versi saya :

Versi udah putus tapi malah tambah sayang

Sugar ray – When It’s Over

When it’s over
That’s the time I fall in love again
And when it’s over
That’s the time you’re in my heart again
And when you go go go go
I know
And it never ends
It never ends

Versi sakit hati banget sampe nggak mau diajak balikan dan pake nyumpah-nyumpahin segala

Christina Perri – Jar Of Hearts

I learned to live half alive
And now you want me one more time
And who do you think you are?
Runnin’ ’round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don’t come back for me
Who do you think you are?

I hear you’re asking all around
If I am anywhere to be found
But I have grown too strong
To ever fall back in your arms

Versi Nggak bisa move on

Yellowcard – only One

I feel so broken up (so broken up),
And I give up (I give up),
I just want to tell you so you know..

Here I go,
Scream my lungs out and try to get to you,
You are my only one.
I let go,
There’s just no one that gets me like you do
You are my only,
My only one.

Versi karma akan tiba pada waktunya

Hey Monday – Candles

All the games you played
The promises you made
Couldn’t finish what you started
Only darkness still remains

Been black and blue before
There’s no need to explain
I am not the jaded kind
Playback’s such a waste

You’re invisible
Invisible to me
My wish is coming true
Erase the memory of your face

One day
You will wake up
With nothing but “you’re sorrys”
And someday
You will get back
Everything you gave me

So far, segitu aja dulu. Mungkin lain kali ketemu lagu-lagu putus atau patah hati yang lain.

*Postingan ini benar-benar random -__-

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