Arsip Bulanan: Januari 2014

The Power of Praying

A moment before I left the office yesterday, I found a friend of mine, Delvi, was sitting in her chair while closing her eyes with her fingers were meshed each other. She’s praying.

Me, with my oh-so-slengean- style was tempting her. I said “tawwa rajinmu berdo’a, Del”. She was just smiling–as far as I know her, she is a kind girl with thousand smile. Everytime I talk to her, even if I asked something that oh-not-so-important, she always respond me with a smile before she answered.

Right after Delvi smiling, Jessica, the girl sitting beside Delvi answered “Delvi itu rajin nah berdoa. Setiap datang dan mau pulang dia nda lupa berdoa”

And I felt something warm spread my heart.

After tidying up her stuff, She told me why she did so. She said, at the beginning–the first time she worked here–she got much problem. I assumed the problem she got is like what I got. And she thought a lot about it. Then she realized it was because she never pray.

I was surprised, it felt like someone SLAP me right on my cheek.

I did so. The first time I came here, I was just letting it flow.

Delvi is a Christian. But she is an obey one. She told me that after she did praying everyday, her God help her through it all.

Really, I was feeling like I’m slapped right on my cheek. The way she told me her experience made me realize that I’m now so so so so far away from Allah.

I thought a lot in my way home last night.


Selling Happiness


Some people sell happiness while they don’t taste any of it

May be it is too much when I say now I’m just like they boy in the picture. I currently work in an office who offers people to go for a vacation in domestic or even international destination while I DO NOT taste any of it.

And this is all I feel.

Wake up early morning, working in a routine from Monday till Saturday, handling people who want to reserve a hotel room, help them to make a passport, visa and other travel documents is really suck. And facing the traffic jam in my way–go and go home–make it suck even more.

All I want is SUNDAY.

But what happened in Sunday is so so so so far from the meaning of HOLIDAY.

Okay, let’s skip it..

I was feeling like I want to give up for this job. As the circle is totally new for me and I feel little bit hard to adapt here. Everything is totally different with my world. I got much problem to handle every single thing here. But still, I think I can learn everything here by doing step by step. Let me give you a simple analogy; A baby doesn’t run when he’s born, he need to crawl, walk, and then run.

However, the behind-the-scene why I can work here is surprising enough. The job ‘came’ to me me even when I didn’t expect it. Then I think, leaving this job is so so so BAD decision. This is what make me stay in this job.

And the caption of the picture; Some people sell happiness while they don’t taste any of it.

It is like what happened to me.

I sell the holiday package while I don’t taste any of it.

For this one year.

And then I think, think, and think that this is just a stepping stone for me to chase something higher, to chase something greater than before, more than I ever get. As my wishlist this year is to travel a lot–I ever read an article about why we should travel a lot when we are young–to hike mountain, to go somewhere new–the place I never visit before, to do something new I never knew before, meeting a lot of person I never met before.

I’m very grateful to have a lot of friends who always give me support when I was really really down.

A friend of mine told me when I came to him with a gloomy feeling just because I felt like I couldn’t stand it anymore, He–who always speak cryptical–said to me

Jangan bawa-bawa perasaan ke urusan pekerjaan

I was thinking a lot that night. Thinking why I was so easily to break.

And he was right, and so were my other friend. Just because someone was not being nice to me doesn’t mean she/he can stop me to struggle here.

That is why I still staying in this place. The place where I write this post.