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Do you believe with a dream? In the beginning, I didn’t. But then, I do. Believe it or not, that bad dream comes true. A month ago I dreamt about my self. It was I took a damn [sorry to tell this one], and then I felt difficult to throw it. Then I told my mom about this dream. My mom said that I would lost something. In the beginning, I regarded that my mom was just extremely believed about javanesse belief, but I didn’t.

Till that sucky day, the last day when I passed the Final Exam of University. I felt lil relax becuase I was just waiting for the result of the exam. After joined the last subject, I went to L.A 2 to pick my clothes up [I washed some of my clothes there]. I spent my spare time to read some novels while waiting for my brother [he went out for a while] back.

Shortly, there was two strangers came in to the restaurant. They acted like customers who order some food. In the end, I knew that they were cheaters. They stole my mobile and some money. I was very shock. But it happened, and my mobile won’t back to me. I must sincere and regard it as an accident or trial. Then I prayed for the two cheathers, may they realized that they did a wrong way to get money, may they won’t do it at another place.

All of my family said that it was beacuse of my mistake. I didn’t deny it. But in my opinion, the two strangers have a strong intent to steal something in the restaurant, because it was their job.

Day passing by, I realize that I still felt sad about that accident, and sometimes I remembered about my N-73. FYI, several months ago I bought it with my own salary by working at an internet parlour. That’s why I love my mobile much [but, exactly this love is different with my love to Abang, haha!]

Then I think about the future. I must get a new mobile. But, it’s impossible if I ask money to my parents to buy a new mobile, I’m 21 you know! It’s a shame for me if I do it. And it’s impossible if I save money from saving my pocket money. It will take much time to do it. Then, I think to get new job. Yeah, I have to get a job while join a college. I have to do it. But, I feel confuse because many company need a free employee, not a student. Hmm.. But I’ll never give up. I’ll try and try again.

And now, I have to sincere my mobile.

Life must go on.


ps : this is my first english post. I realize that here’s so many wrong grammar or something else. I’m sorry about this.