Seeing You from a Distance

Pouring rain outside. I saw slippery sidewalk behind the foggy window in a corner of a fast food restaurant near my college. I do enjoyed this moment–seeing vehicle moved slowly while listening to some romantic love songs through my white earphone.

I was having my hot chocolate and crispy french fries when I saw you came through the main entrance to the smoking-area. You’re still like the last time I saw you. Did you know what’s going on my heart? Ya, it beats fast. It feels like there’s a butterfly in my stomach. The feeling’s always like this, it’s just the same since I saw you for the very first time. And seeing you accidentally in this unexpected time and place is under my control.

You were sucking your mild cigarette when a beautiful tall and long hair girl came to you.

I was just fine.

I just felt like the world was tumbling down in font of me.

I was just alright.

I just felt something hurt inside my heart.



But who am I to be jealous? You were never mine and we had nothing to be fight. We had nothing to be proud. We had nothing to be remember…

When I always found my self hoping can see you accidentally in any places, since then I didn’t. When I always found myself hoping can see you with no distance, since then I didn’t.

Because I learned that some things are better to be seen from a distance.

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